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ActiveCollab Personal Timesheet

Did you know? We have been working on Timesheets! We’ve been working on Timesheets! It won’t be there. It’s hidden in the My Work section between “My Tasks”, and “My Activity”.
Your time is yours! The Timesheet will be ready for you with all tasks and due dates. (Disclaimer: time tracking must be enabled on each project). They are grouped by projects and sorted according to relevance. This means that tasks that require your immediate attention will be at the top. Tasks with a start or due date will have a colored line that indicates its duration. You can hover over it to see a tooltip that will tell you when the task started and when it is due. Only tasks that are completed during the week will be displayed. You can track your time directly on them and the project. Click on the cell you are interested in and enter your time records. You will be able to select which project or task to track your time. You can choose which project or task you want to track time on. Only projects with enabled time tracking will be listed. Clicking the total will give you a breakdown of all entries.
We love color-coding. It lets you see what’s happening and makes it easy to understand. The color of the cells will vary depending on the daily capacity. It will turn orange if it exceeds the daily work hours. The numbers will not be marked if they exceed the daily capacity. Weekends and days off are taken into consideration. The Timesheet displays the totals for each project and task, day and week. It also shows the total time records for the week. If time was not tracked for a specific task but on a project in general then those records will be listed under the “Directly on Project” field.
The Personal Timesheet helps you keep track of all your assignments every week. You will know exactly what you need to pay attention to and how long it has been since you last worked on it. It’s easy to see, as you can easily collapse or expand the projects on your wish list. You’ll be in complete control of your time. Frameworks and Project Management Methodologies
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