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Attention App Developers! Microsoft AppToCert Certification Credits for Your Works

Are you a Windows Phone and Windows Store Apps developer. Microsoft has some great news: You can now become a Certified Microsoft Developer. Instead of taking certification exams, you can get credits for your apps. This is not a joke.
The company recently announced changes to its AppToCert program in 2015, and they are fantastic. Microsoft finally realizes that app developers learn by doing. They spend months creating and testing apps to make them popular. These people don’t have the time, motivation, or money to take expensive Microsoft exams to become certified. Microsoft created the AppToCert Program to address this problem.
AppToCert Program targets HTML5/JS and C#/XAML developers. They can get credit for up two exams by demonstrating the app development work that they have done. It’s perfect that you get certified for what you do and not what you think you can cram into your caffeine-fueled brain. Microsoft will review your apps and provide tips and tricks on app design and implementation.
These three steps will allow you to earn credit towards AppToCert certification.
A Microsoft engineer will review your application and pass either a Core or Intermediate technical review.
You can publish or update your application through the Windows Phone Store and Windows Store
You can take and pass one of the Microsoft developer certification exams from a list that includes Web, SharePoint, or Windows Store app exams.
Are you ready to submit an app for review? Register for the Microsoft AppToCert program by clicking here