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AWS To Help Chip Maker Streamline Production

NXP, a Dutch chip manufacturer, has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS). This partnership will help improve efficiency and offload its design and testing workloads to the cloud.
According to a Thursday announcement, NXP stated that it is “migrating a large portion of its electronic design automation workloads (EDA) to AWS.” This move will significantly increase NXP’s productivity in manufacturing semiconductors for the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), automotive and communications, as well as other industries.
NXP explained that putting new chips through their paces involves a time-consuming process. This includes performance simulations as well as testing for power, speed and other metrics. These processes, which were traditionally done in on-premises datacenters, are extremely complex and computationally intensive. This means that one new semiconductor can take many months or even years to produce.
NXP claims that by putting these workloads on AWS cloud, it can perform the same tests and simulations faster and for multiple chips simultaneously.
The company stated that NXP engineers have more time to innovate and less time managing compute resources.
NXP’s various AWS machine learning and analytics solutions such as QuickSight or SageMaker are of particular benefit. AWS Glue is used to maintain the data lake, while Amazon S3 is used for data storage.
Olli Hyyppa, NXP CIO, and senior vice president, highlighted the speed gains of partnering with AWS for chip design workloads. This is especially important given the current global chip shortage.
Hyyppa stated that cloud-based EDA was essential to accelerate semiconductor innovation and get new designs to market faster to support an increasingly digital world with more connected devices. This will allow our design engineers to spend more time on innovation and leading the transformation of the semiconductor sector.