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Cengage Unlimited Reflects Author Mark Ciampa

Cengage Unlimited is a great opportunity for me as a long-time author at Cengage for more than 20 years and a teacher in higher education for more than 35 years. It is, in fact, one of the most significant steps in education in recent history. It can increase learning and relieve frustration for both students and faculty.
Reducing the purchase of a textbook
The same phenomenon has been observed for many years by all textbook authors and teachers, from all disciplines and all publishers: fewer students are buying textbooks and related materials. The main reason is usually the high cost of materials and books. Students are finding it difficult to complete classes without the materials they need.
I have seen students sacrifice their ability to earn a good grade for not being able to buy a textbook. Many students who do buy textbooks will wait several weeks to make sure that they are actually needed and will be used. It can take several weeks for students to get their materials. This is due to the extra time required to search for the lowest-priced book, order it, and ship it. This is often despite instructors’ pleas to ensure that students have their materials in hand as soon as classes begin.
Instructors who lack the materials necessary to teach the course can find it difficult to pick up the pace fast enough to cover all material. This makes it a frustrating learning experience for both students as well as instructors.
Affordable Materials for Students
These problems are addressed directly by Cengage Unlimited. It makes it easier for students to get the materials they need at a reasonable price. Students can start instruction immediately by having access to digital content at the beginning of the semester, rather than waiting for books to arrive.
From a strictly authoring perspective all authors I have spoken with have seen a decline in royalties over the last several years. Students are not buying the required books and materials to teach a class. This is again the problem. Cengage Unlimited solves this problem in an affordable manner for students. It will produce a consistent royalty stream for authors which will give authors a better chance to continue their authoring work.
Cengage Unlimited is the perfect tool for authors and students!
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