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Cloud on Your Terms

Do not settle for cloud chaos. You need a cloud platform that is simple, flexible, cost-efficient, and affordable. One that allows you to choose from many cloud platforms and allows for true hybrid and multicloud computing. Today, most enterprises have some form of cloud computing in their IT environment. Although they may initially use a single public or private cloud platform, more companies are shifting to a multicloud or hybrid cloud platform.
You can make zero compromises
Open hybrid multicloud software platform allows you to focus on your business results. You can use cloud credits to carry over portable licenses from any cloud or hardware platform you choose, and your business objectives will always be top priority. It’s that easy.
Your infrastructure that works for your business
Complex infrastructure is more than expensive upkeep. Complex infrastructure can cost you valuable time, resources, energy, and leave your business in a rut instead of reaching its full potential. Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure gives you the freedom to choose the technology that you need and the pricing plan that makes sense for your business. HCI is the perfect foundation for your apps, data and services. It also allows you to use Kubernetes distributions to give you more time and resources to do any job right.
You decide what happens in your cloud
Your choices drive your business. You are free to choose the right hardware for your software environment. You can also choose your cloud preferences and run them on one platform. Best of all, you can choose what you want out of our partnership. We are here to help you realize what you want, so let us know.
Your peace of mind
To remain competitive, you need an IT partner who sees the future and keeps you ahead of the curve. Our track record is one of putting customers first. It’s evident in our 90+ Net Promoter Score (NPS). It’s in our 19,000+ happy customers. It’s in the reclaimed weekends and nights you can do what you want.
Apps in any cloud
Are your apps driving your business growth or are they causing you to be overwhelmed by complicated migrations that result in inconsistent performance and availability? Do not compromise on the business-critical apps you use. Our hybrid-ready platform provides you with the performance, simplicity, scalability, and cost control you need to grow. Migrations to and from the cloud(s), of your choice are possible without any problems. You have complete control over your destiny.
Your ultra-secure data
Data is the heartbeat of your business. However, it doesn’t mean that managing and storing your data must be difficult. Secure your sensitive data with a platform that is designed for security, native hardening and security auditing. Complexity can lead to vulnerabilities. Regain your peace of mind by implementing a zero-trust security strategy that prioritizes your data and, above all, your business’s integrity.
Nutanix multicloud and hybrid solutions are tailored to your company’s specific needs. Nutanix gives you visibility and control over your entire hybrid cloud infrastructure and applications, making it more flexible, scalable, cost-effective, and efficient. Nutanix helps reduce the cost of operating hybrid or multiclouds, and increases organizational agility.
Trainocate is an Authorized Nutanix Training Center and offers various courses and certifications for all levels of expertise. Trainocate can help you make the leap to uncompromising cloud freedom.
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