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Complete Guide to Oracle Certification

Oracle is present in more than 145 countries. It serves its thousands of investors with state-of the-art database technology and engineered systems, platforms, services, web and cloud apps, and other comprehensive and integrated services. The Information Technology Corporation, a multinational corporation, offers a variety of courses and certifications to students around the world. This helps them get a foothold in the IT industry and help them succeed.
Oracle certifications can be obtained in various spheres and segments, including database, cloud, applications and enterprise management. These certifications are compatible with products of the company, which include server, storage, engineered systems, and cloud systems.
The Oracle University is a highly sought-after place for those looking to enter the Oracle dominated IT sector. There are over 1.8 million Oracle certified professionals who can cater to the needs of millions of corporates and businesses. 93% of recruiters find Oracle certifications useful. They will prefer a resume that includes an Oracle Certification as a qualification. Any Oracle certification will give you at least a 7 percent increase in your salary. Some can even grant you a job bump. There are many IT companies and businesses that are partners with Oracle. The Oracle certification alone can get you a job at these large companies (many of which are Fortune 500).

The certification levels
There are many levels to Oracle certifications. These levels are arranged in the following order:
Junior Associate
Training & Resources
Online training is also available from Oracle. The certification training is available in the following areas: Applications, Database, Enterprise Management and Industries. The Oracle certified trainers can help you with any certification you need, whether it is for a product or technology. The training can be taken at both the Oracle certified online or offline education centres.
You can find all the study materials you need on the Oracle online library and other websites. You can also access webinars and seminars that will help you learn in a way that is effective. You can also interact with the student community and professionals through the forums and sample test papers. You can find all relevant study materials and training courses at Oracle on the certification exam page.
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The Oracle Certification Areas
The Oracle certification is for its own products, as we have already stated. The education program was created by the company to help it build a workforce capable of handling the technologic solutions it creates. The Oracle certifications can be classified in the following areas:
Enterprise Management
Java & Middleware
Operating Systems
Non-proctored Oracle certifications do not require invigilators to pass the exam. These certifications cost $125. These proctored Oracle certifications are approximately $250. To be certified, you must take the exam at Oracle certified centres, PearsonVUE, or the Oracle education website.
Next, we will take a quick look at the Oracle certification categories.
Application Certifications
There are approximately 80 product groups and products that fall under the “Applications” category of Oracle education. These include