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Don’t Screw It Up: Confidence confidence – by badzmanaois via flickr

  • Delivering Value
  • Consistency
  • Alignment

Let’s now talk about confidence. This is somewhat connected to consistency so let’s get the definitions. Consistency refers to repeatability ….the ability to be successful again a systemic enabling for success. Confidence is the ability to rely on various things, such as estimates being accurate and deliveries being made on time. It also refers to keeping promises. This is something that many project teams struggle with. Estimates are often exaggerated and then reduced arbitrarily. Project managers don’t push back when they realize a commitment is unreasonable. Risk management is poor or non-existent, and blind drivers drive into many train wrecks. Can you give us examples of projects that you have worked on that show good and bad confidence? [Note:? Glen Alleman’s excellent comments inspired me to change this attribute from reliability from confidence to confidence. This seems to better capture my goals. Glen, thank you!