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Ethical issues related to project management’s Top 3 Software RecommendationsLet work for you.Start Free TrialWork smarter with Wrike.Try for FreeIncrease productivity with Smartsheet.Try Smartsheet for FreeProject managers have to face various ethical issues every day. They are not provided with adequate training in ethical issues. The technical or professional knowledge is what the educational institutions focus on. If ethical issues, especially those that are related to the workplace, are not addressed properly, it can lead to a decrease in team efficiency. Ethical issues are about our working relationships with other members of the team. They can vary from one culture to another because they are based upon the norms, values and thoughts of the individual. There are no clear rules about how to deal with ethical issues. You will need to use your leadership and entrepreneurial skills to address ethical problems while managing projects.
Project Management Ethics
Project managers and their team members must ensure profit maximization while also being ethical and socially responsible citizens. Here is a list of some of the most important ethical issues in project management.
Violation of Basic Rights of Workers- Many project managers abuse their power by violating basic rights of workers. They engage their team members even after work hours. They don’t give their team members any leave, even in an emergency. These factors decrease motivation among team members.
Ignoring Safety and Health Standards – While some countries have established standards for safety, health, and environmental standards, most project managers ignore these standards.
Backstabbing – This is very common when it comes to project managers. Project managers will always backstab their staff members, especially those who are less senior than them. It is extremely unethical.
Making shady deals – Money attracts all so corrupted project managers make the deals that are more beneficial to themselves. Although these deals can be dangerous for the organization, project managers still accept them to gain more money. Fraudulent cases are becoming more common as we move forward. Project managers create fictitious records to show expenses that have never been paid, etc.
Wrong People in the Job – Sometimes project managers hire family members, friends, or relatives to their team without taking into account that they lack the desired skills and qualifications.
Bias – Bias can be found everywhere, whether it’s project management or other business. Bias in project management can cause disruption to the entire work environment.
Blaming others – In a team environment, failure of one person can be considered the failure of the entire team. This is the most ethical behavior, but unfortunately project managers often blame their subordinates or team members without realizing that they are responsible for ensuring success.
This is a brief overview on the ethical issues involved in project management. There have been many researches on this topic. All of them agree that project managers need to be trained in ethics. There are many organizations that offer training sessions and courses for project managers. These training sessions provide the proper training for project managers to deal with all types of ethical issues, especially when working on international projects.
Software for Project Management
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