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Exam Format AZ-303: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies – Blog

Microsoft offers industry-recognized certifications to help you get an edge over other candidates. A professional certification can also increase your employability and demonstrate your capabilities. These certifications can be used to compare your qualifications with others during job searches or performance evaluations. We will discuss the Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies AZ303 exam format and learn resources that will help you get more visibility, better opportunities, and new jobs in your field.
These certifications can be difficult and require a lot more effort than if you were to apply them to a business situation. Before you begin the preparations, it is important to have a clear understanding of what you are getting into. You should be familiar with the exam format. This will allow you to plan the best strategy to pass the exam. Let’s learn more about the exam.
Microsoft AZ-303 Exam Overview
Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies AZ303 exam is for candidates who are skilled in designing and implementing solutions on Microsoft Azure. This includes aspects such as storage, compute, network, security, and storage. An Azure Solution Architect has many responsibilities. These include advising stakeholders and translating business needs into secure, scalable and reliable cloud solutions. An Azure Solution Architect works with cloud administrators, cloud DBAs, clients, and other stakeholders to implement the solutions.
Knowledge required for the exam
Candidates who are applying for the Microsoft Azure AZ303 exam should have:
First, advanced experience and knowledge in IT operations
Second, a high-level understanding and knowledge in areas such as networking, virtualization and identity, security, budgeting, governance, disaster recovery, business continuity, business continuity, and data platform. Candidates for this role must be able to make decisions in each area and influence an overall solution.
They must also have expertise in Azure administration and experience in Azure development.
Exam Format for Microsoft AZ-303
The exam format serves as a guideline for the exam. You will be able to pass the exam if you have complete clarity about it.
First, the Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies AZ303 exam consists of 40-60 questions. You must maintain high accuracy as well as speed.
Second, the types of questions candidates will face in the exam are scenario-based single-answer questions, multiple-choice question, arrange in the correct order type questions, drag and drop questions, mark review questions, drag, drop, etc.
To pass the exam, you must score at least 700. It is important to have all the necessary learning materials in order to pass the AZ-303 exam.
This exam is also available in English, Japanese and Chinese (Simplified), Korean languages.
The exam is $165 USD.
Register for the exam
Follow these steps to register for the Microsoft AZ-303 exam:
First, go to the Microsoft website and locate your certificate in the list. To register, click Schedule Exam.
Next, if the certificate is available for your country, you can select the exam during registration.
Finally, you will choose the language of the proctor, greeter, and proctoring software.
Exam Policy
Microsoft allows you to cancel the Exam free of charge up to 24 hours before your appointment. Microsoft reserves the right to forfeit all exam fees if you fail show up for your exam without rescheduling, cancelling, or rescheduling. You can cancel or reschedule your exam through the Certification Dashboard.
Validity of certification
Microsoft Azure Certifications are no longer valid. Microsoft certifications were previously subject to expiration. Most of them were valid for three years and some required recertification after two years. Microsoft has restructured its certification process so that these certifications can be used for life.
Course Outline: Microsoft AZ303
The Course Outline provides detailed information about each exam domain. These domains also cover subtopics. This is done to assist candidates in preparing for the exam by helping them identify specific content within each topic that could be tested. These domains are covered in the exam:
Microsoft AZ-303 Exam: Updates in the Course Outline as of May 25, 2021
The Microsoft AZ-303 exam topics have been updated.
Topic 1: Implementing and Monitoring an Azure Infrastructure (50-55%).
1.1 First, Monitoring cloud infrastructure
1.2 Second, Implementing storage accounts
1.3 Thirdly, Implementing Virtual Machines for Windows and Linux
1.4 Automating deployment and configuration
1.5 Moreover, Implementing virtual networking
1.6 Further, Implementing Azure Active Directory
1.7 Implementing and managing hybrid identities
Topic 2: Implement Management and Security Solutions (25-20%).
2.1 To start with, Manage workloads in Azure
2.2 Next, Implementing load balancing as well as network security
2.3 Implementing and managing Azure governance solutions
2.4 Managing security for applications
Topic 3: Implement Solutions for Apps (10-15%)
3.1. First, Implementing an Application Infrastructure
3.2. Second, implement container-based applications
Topic 4: Implementing and managing data platforms (10-15%)
4.1 Next, Implementing NoSQL database
4.2 Also, Implementing Azure SQL databases
Microsoft AZ-303 Exam Study guide
There are many resources that can be used to prepare for the AZ303 exam. You only need to choose the right resources for you based on your level of understanding and ease. This selection of resources will also determine the quality of your work.