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Five Top UX Design Projects You Should Include in Your Portfolio

You want to be a UX designer. Time to get your portfolio started!
When you are looking for work or clients, your portfolio is an essential tool. A portfolio that showcases your strengths and expertise will show off your talents, strengths, as well as previous UX design projects.
Even if you are just starting out, you can still fill your portfolio of projects. To build a portfolio that is strong, you don’t have to have any previous professional experience.
There are some things you should know about UX design portfolios. We can help you if you don’t know where to begin.
What is UX design?
UX design (or user experience design) is the process of creating interfaces that are intuitive and fun to use.
UX designers know that consumers are on a journey once they interact with a new product. Every step of that journey must be simple.
It’s not about the products. It’s all about the user experience that comes with the products!
Online businesses need UX design. The customer experience can increase KPIs by more than 80%. 88% of shoppers will not return to a website with a poor user experience.
It’s time to shine for UX designers.
What should you include in your UX design portfolio
Portfolios can be used to showcase professional experience, as well as school projects, UX boot camp projects, and side projects.
It’s more than just a collection of attractive work. Your portfolio should be something that makes you stand out.
This means that you should display:
Background information
Your approach
Your processes
The results
And your reflections.

Your UX portfolio is a key component of your job hunt action plan.
Portfolios are essential for UX designers
Employers are looking for talent when they interview you for creative roles. A comprehensive portfolio will help you prove your worth.
UX designers need a solid portfolio to start their careers.
Although you might not have a strong resume or relevant references to back it up, you can still have a great portfolio to showcase your skills.
Here are more tips to apply for tech jobs.
Five Essential UX Design Projects You Should Include in Your UX Portfolio
It’s a good idea include a variety design projects in your portfolio. You might be wondering where to begin.
These are five important UX projects that we recommend you include in your portfolio.
1. Landing page
A landing page is a great idea to include in your portfolio, as you will likely create many throughout your UX design career.
Landing pages are used by businesses to collect and share information. As a UX designer, your job is to ensure that each experience is seamless.
You can create a lead generation landing page that encourages viewers to share their contact information. You can also create a landing page on your website that lists the services of a business.
2. Blog or digital publication
Digital publications and blogs are extremely focused on reader satisfaction. They wouldn’t exist without readers!
This is why creating an online article is a great UX project to add to your portfolio. You will need to create a positive experience for readers that converts them into subscribers.
3. eCommerce product page
eCommerce is a great area to explore as an UX designer, because it’s such a large industry. There’s a good chance that you’ll work for eCommerce businesses at some time in your UX design career. So it’s a good idea to start now!
Create a product page that is both functional and visually appealing. This will encourage shoppers to click the “add it to cart” button.
4. Mobile app design
The mobile app industry, like eCommerce, is big and growing. As a UX designer, you will be working in this area.
It’s a great UX project to add to your portfolio. You can either redesign an existing app or create your own.
5. Pricing page
A pricing page is another great project to add in your UX design portfolio. SaaS companies, like other service-based businesses, often share tiered pricing packages that offer different offerings.
Because they are solution-focused, pricing pages are a great UX project. They provide problem-solving services to shoppers to help them become customers.
5 Projects You Shouldn’t Put in Your UX Portfolio
These five projects should not be included in your portfolio if you want it to be a collection of your best work.
1. Don’t waste your time on projects that don’t address the problem
Your work as a UX designer should be solution-oriented. Every project you create should be centered around users and solving their problems.
2. Without context or a story, projects are not complete
You must include background information when including projects to your portfolio. This will allow you to explain the work that you have done. While a screenshot of a landingpage is great, you should give some context so that recruiters can assess your processes.
3. Without paying attention to detail, projects fail
Your portfolio should paint a picture