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GamePlan Project Management Software Review [2019]

This is a review on GamePlan software using Firefoxbrowser, Safari on my iPad in April 2019.
General Information
Name: GamePlan
Vendor: GamePlan Global Solutions Inc.
Only available for cloud hosting
Languages: I did not see any options to modify the software language.
GamePlan Pricing: 7-day free trial. The paid option costs $19 per user per month (less if you buy it annually). Viewaccess is available for free to those who only require it.
First Impressions
GamePlan is unlike any other project-management software I have seen. The idea behind GamePlan is that you plan on a virtual whiteboard, and then the schedule “magically”.
The software is easy to use and doesn’t require a steep learning curve. The whiteboard element in project management tools is quite unusual, so you might want to read the short tutorial on-screen to get orientated.
Crane Harvey, CEO of GamePlan, was kind enough to talk me through the system and how it came about.
Crane and me chatted about GamePlan, scheduling, and other topics. Crane is a mining engineer who plans in 3D. The mining software includes a modeling engine that allows teams to visualize the mine. Crane wanted to combine that visual element with a scheduling engine in such a way as to allow other industries to take advantage of graphical planning.
He started out with the idea of creating a Gantt chart tool to rival Microsoft Project, but be more visually appealing.
How to create a project in GamePlan
Sign in to the Wizard and you’ll be taken through creating a project. You can also make a manual plan if you prefer.
You can start with the wizard. ).
Your project is laid out in the same way you would if you were drawing major steps and phases on flip charts paper in a room with others. You can add tasks to the whiteboard, and don’t worry about that there is an undo/redo option for everything.
Flip chart paper has a downside. Someone must type the plan. GamePlan, the scheduling engine, creates the plan based upon your drawing and creates the schedule in a Gantt Chart for you.
Importing previous plans
You can also import a plan from Microsoft Project or Excel and have them automatically visualized in whiteboard format.
Before you import the file, select it and preview it. You will see the task, duration and dependencies. I was surprised at how fast the import process went.
Adding Tasks and Making A Project Plan
Your plan can be built using four blocks. The most important ones are tasks. Enter the task name. You can choose a day, week or your own duration.
You can add details to a task by adding it to the task panel.
If you want it to look nice or to visually represent your work, choose an icon. There are many icons available. You can also add your own icon or use a logo.
This page is just one of the icons in GamePlan. There are many. Add the time it takes and the start time. Meetings are the most common fixed tasks on my plans, so calling them that helps you understand. You can think of things like a project reviewboard, a committeemeeting, or your steering group. These are activities that have a fixed date and are booked in the calendar.
Flexible tasks are different from fixed tasks that happen at certain times.
You’ll have milestones. These are shown on the Gantt chart in the same way as a diamond.
Finally, there are groups. These are ways to group tasks. A group can contain tasks, milestones, meetings, and other groups.
Managing Dependenci