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Google Compute Engine: Qualified Developer: New Course

Garth Schulte, the trainer, recently completed his “Google Compute Engine – Qualified Developer” video training course. This 6-hour course will get you up-to-speed on the Google Cloud Platform’s IaaS products. This 26-video course covers the exam objectives for Google Qualified Compute Engine Developer certification. We caught up with Garth after he completed the course. Here is what Garth had to share:
What was your favorite Nugget?
They are not the only ones! The Load Balancing Nuggets. Google made something that was extremely complex and costly in the real world super simple and affordable in Compute Engine. In less than 10 minutes, we created a global load balanced network that distributes traffic across virtual machines located in the US and Europe. It was a pleasure to demonstrate this amazing technology.
None. Google offers us easy-to-use, consistent tools in the WebUI, CLI and API to interact With Compute Engine. Understanding the concepts and knowing your way around these tools will make it easier to overcome roadblocks. Watch. Learn. DO!
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You can watch a Nugget concept and then you can use the Nugget(s), as a chance to learn by doing. After each step or command, pause the Nugget and build something together. It’s a great feeling to accomplish something while learning. What’s the one thing you hope learners will take away from this training program?
I hope that learners will see the potential of Google Compute Engine, and embrace the future IT in these cloud technologies. I hope they will also be able to pass the Google Compute Engine Qualified developer exam and earn their GCE creds. What is the best real-world application this course can help them to use?
This course is for all levels of system administrators, developers, and both. It covers the basics and beyond of Google’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service product, and will provide you with the skills necessary to construct your own kick-ass linux or windows-based private networks using all of the tools available.Ready to get started? Watch this course now. SPOTO Premium subscribers will receive a $500 credit to help them build their own mobile or web app. Log in to your account to learn more.
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