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How difficult is the ArcGIS Desktop Associate (EADA-19-001) Exam? Blog

Are you looking to improve your career? Do you want the ArcGIS Desktop Associate (EADA-19-001) Exam? Are you curious about the difficulty level of this exam? If so, you’ve come to the right place. No doubt certifications are the best way to improve your career without spending too much time.
It is important to determine the difficulty level before you begin to plan. The best results will be achieved if you have the right resources and put in the effort. Let’s first look at the important details and then the difficulty level. Let us get started.
ArcGIS Desktop Associate Exam
The ArcGIS Desktop Associate exam measures candidates’ experience in implementing ArcGIS concepts, processes, and workflows. Candidates should have at least two years of experience with ArcGIS. Candidates should be proficient in ArcGIS for managing and visualizing geospatial data.
Exam Prerequisites
The following tools should be familiar to qualified candidates:
ArcGIS Pro
ArcGIS Online is also available
ArcGIS Enterprise was established in the following years.
ArcGIS Apps For the Field
Study guide for ArcGIS Desktop Associate Exam Preparation
ArcGIS Desktop Associate Exam Format
1. Exam NameArcGIS Desktop Associate2. Exam CodeEADA 19-013. Exam Duration2 hours4. Exam FormatMultiple Choice5. Exam TypeCore6. Number of Questions79 Questions7. Eligibility/Pre-RequisiteMentioned above8. Exam Fee$250 USD9. Exam LanguageEnglish10. Exam LanguageEnglish10. The course outline and all the details above will help us determine the difficulty of the exam.
ArcGIS Desktop Associate Exam Course Outline
The following are the important domains that the ArcGIS Desktop Associate, EADA 19-001 covers:
Data Management 35%
Secondly, Data Manipulation 17%
Third, Visualization 14%
Also, 14% for sharing
Final, Geoprocessing and Analysis 20%
Let’s now move on to the main question. How difficult is ArcGIS Desktop Associate (EADA-19-001 Exam)?
Is it difficult to pass the ArcGIS Desktop Associate Exam
It is difficult to pass the ArcGIS Desktop Associate (EADA-19-001) Exam. This is because it is not always easy to keep up with the syllabus. Because the exam can ask difficult questions, it is important to prepare properly. The exam is difficult because you have limited resources to prepare.
However, to get more information about the exam like study guide and exam policies you can visit the online tutorials on ArcGIS Desktop Associate (EADA 19-001) Exam by We will now discuss preparatory resources that can help you prepare. These resources will allow you to prepare efficiently and spend less time. Let’s take a look.
ArcGIS Desktop Associate 19-01 Study Guide
There are many resources that you can use to start your preparation. You should choose the most reliable resources as they will affect your performance and sharpen your knowledge about the subject. These resources are available to you –
ArcGIS EADA 19-01 Online training
Online courses and instructor-led courses are the best way to prepare. They are prepared by experts in the subject matter and are reliable. They can help you develop strong conceptual understanding. There are many reliable websites that offer online courses and other quality content.
EADA 19-001 Study guide
The Study Guide provided by Eris Academy is designed to enhance your knowledge and experience with the ArcGIS Platform. This guide will give you a deeper understanding of the ArcGIS Platform’s objectives.