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Is AWS SysOps worth it?

Many IT professionals are becoming AWS certified. AWS is the undisputed leader in cloud computing. Administrators are in high demand because they can leverage AWS solutions to benefit organizations.
AWS Certified SysOps Administration – Associate is one of the most sought after AWS certifications. The SysOps Admin exam covers seven domains: Deployment and provisioning, Data Management, Security and Networking.
It requires a lot of study, but AWS SysOps Admin cert is associate-level. This means that you should have some experience with AWS platforms.
Let’s take a closer glance at this certification to determine if it is worth adding to your certification collection.
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Start trainingWho Should Earn AWS SysOps Administrator?
AWS SysOps Administrator Associate certification is for system administrators responsible for AWS services and systems. This cert is essential if you are responsible for supporting the cloud and infrastructure of your organization. If your organization uses AWS products and services, it’s a must-have.
SysOps Administrator certification validates a wide variety of knowledge and skills, including:
Implementing, managing, and operating fault-tolerant, scalable, highly available systems on AWS
Controlling and implementing the flow of data from and to AWS
Migration of workloads from on-premises to AWS

You should have at least one-year experience in managing systems. You should be familiar with the basics of system administration in AWS. If you don’t feel comfortable with the concepts, you might not be ready to take this exam.
Let’s look at some scenarios that will help you decide if AWS SysOps Administrator – Associate is right for you.
Scenario 1 – You are an administrator whose environment is expanding to the cloud
You are familiar with how to configure and administer services for popular AWS products. You have passed some AWS exams and are familiar with basic tasks in AWS administration.
You would like to learn more about AWS’s redundancy and scalability options. You have been given the responsibility of migrating existing services to AWS or have expanded your role to include additional services online.
Cloud infrastructure maintenance requires an exceptional knowledge of AWS. This includes tasks such as configuring and deploying services, managing data flow to each service, and more. This certification prepares you to become an associate-level AWS SysOps Admin.
Scenario 2: Public Cloud SysOps Administrator
As a public cloud SysOps administrator, you are already familiar with cloud environments and the many services and systems available online. This means you are responsible for many online services. AWS SysOps Administrator certification provides you with the knowledge and skills to deploy scalable services when your business requires it.
There is a product for every problem or challenge you will encounter in the AWS ecosystem. This means there are many options available when you consider a new build or deployment.
AWS SysOps Administrator – Associate certification confirms that you are able to make sense of it all, and find the best solution. You can also save time researching by not having to go through mountains of documentation while searching for new solutions.
Exam Prerequisites for SOA-C01 Examination: None
Technically, there is no prerequisite to sit for the SysOps Administration exam or any AWS certification exam. AWS does provide the recommended knowledge and experience that candidates need — and SPOTO recommends that you consider those prerequisites. Otherwise, your chances of passing the exam are slim.
AWS recommends that you have at least one year of experience with AWS and the ability of ope.