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Is the AWS Developer-Associate worth it?

AWS certifications are very popular among organizations that value the agility, cost effectiveness, and flexibility of AWS cloud services. The AWS Certified Developer Associate was created for candidates who are dev-centric and have Amazon AWS career paths. This certification is for you if you have at least one year of experience in a role that involves the development and maintenance of AWS-hosted apps.
AWS Certified Developer-Associate validates key competencies for AWS developers. This certification will enable you to demonstrate that you are familiar with the core AWS services, how they work, and where you would use them. It also allows you to demonstrate that you have mastered the best practices required by AWS. You will also be able to develop and deploy AWS apps as well as troubleshoot AWS cloud hosted applications. After completing the certification, you will be able to find recruiters knocking at your door with your new qualification.
What is the AWS Developer-Associate?
AWS Developer – Associate is a certification that targets those who are already proficient in programming and development. You must be proficient in at minimum one high-level programming language. The certification exam will help you develop your skills in a way that aligns with AWS best practices. You will learn about AWS services and core architectural considerations.
You should be able to demonstrate that you are able to create applications on AWS. AWS recommends that you have as much practical experience as possible before taking the exam.
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Start trainingWhat is the AWS Developer – Associate Test?
Refer to the official AWS Developer – Associate exam guide for a complete list of exam objectives. Here are some excerpts from the exam objectives domains:
AWS Services for Development
Monitoring and Troubleshooting

The exam is a standard multiple-choice format, with multiple answer selections. It is delivered via an online proctored format or a testing center. The exam takes 130 minutes and costs $150 USD. The exam is currently available only in English, Japanese Korean, and Simplified Chinese.
What experience do you need to be an AWS Developer – Associate
AWS requires you to have at least one year of experience in developing and maintaining hosted apps. You must also be proficient in at least one high-level programming languages. Working knowledge of core AWS services is essential. This includes their use and the best practices for AWS architecture.
You will need to be able to develop and deploy apps, as well as debugging them in AWS. You should be able to implement AWS service APIs. AWS SDKs are required to create AWS apps. You must also be able to use the AWS CLI. You can find more requirements here under Recommended Knowledge & Experience.
Who should take the AWS Developer – Associate Exam?
These are just a few examples of roles that require AWS Developer – Associate certification. They also have the potential to command a high salary.
AWS Developer – Associate for Junior AWS Developers
AWS Developer Associate roles are for junior developers who are just starting out. While most roles at this level require a computer science degree, it is not a requirement. To be able to perform the tasks required by this role, you will need to have the appropriate experience and AWS knowledge. While dev roles can vary from one company to the next, you can expect to complete tasks within sprints, storyboard submission, and other duties.