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Is the AWS Solution Architect – Professional Worth It

Amazon Web Services (AWS), has revolutionized how we develop, deploy, maintain and update websites and applications. It is extremely difficult to find the right people to create a coherent cloud business strategy. An AWS certification can help you fill that gap. The AWS Solutions Architect – Professional certification is one of the most sought-after and respected AWS certifications.
IT professionals who have AWS Solutions Architect – Professional certification can earn an average salary of $160,000. This is a testament to the demand for AWS skills. Although the certification is desirable, it may not be a good fit for your career goals. Let’s find out what certification is and what the exam objectives are. There are a few roles that could be suited for this certification.
What is AWS Solution Architect – Professional?
Amazon offers three levels of certifications: professional, associate, or entry. The professional level, especially the solutions architect, is designed to prove that you are capable of building, deploying, and scaling AWS to the required specifications.
It is strongly recommended that test takers have previous professional experience before taking the exam. Amazon recommends that you have at most two years of experience in designing and implementing AWS infrastructure before you take the exam. It’s a smart idea to start your AWS journey with a basic certification such as Cloud Practitioner or Solutions Architect – Associate if you are still a beginner in AWS.
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Start trainingThe exam, which is multiple-choice and costs $300 USD, is three hours in length. It is closely monitored and proctored. It can be taken at your home. AWS offers a $40 practice exam that is less expensive than the actual exam. It is strongly recommended that you take the practice test before taking the actual exam.
Who Should Take Solutions Architecture – Professional?
It is important to remember that this exam assumes that you have experience using AWS. You have a low chance of earning this certification if you have very little or no experience with cloud computing. Instead, you should earn an associate-level certificate.
This certification is for architects who are already certified. It will validate your knowledge and keep you current in your profession.
Let’s talk about several roles where AWS Solution Architect – Professional would be very beneficial.
AWS Cloud Developers
This cert is an option for developers who work with AWS regularly. There are many reasons why this cert is viable. A typical developer will have a solid understanding of CloudFormation Templates and AWS API’s. There may also be a strong desire for the other side, such as the billing console and management console. An AWS Solutions Architect-Professional certification provides the knowledge and confidence to navigate these business oriented aspects of AWS.
It will not only give developers confidence in the business but also strengthen their existing knowledge. This is especially true for CloudFormation. Many architects oversee everything IaaS-related, including the CloudFormation Templates as well as their associated diagrams.
Product owners
Although most product owners are business-oriented subject matter specialists, there are some cases when a more technologically mature person is required. A product owner acts as a liaison between developers, stakeholders, and the product. A traditional product owner might not be the best fit for a product that is still in its early stages of development.
This is the perfect opportunity to fill that role with an architectural professional who understands the finer points of busin