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Is the AZ-104 worth it?

Microsoft Azure is used worldwide by companies of all sizes, from large multinational corporations to small local businesses. Despite their many differences, all companies that use Azure share one thing: they all require IT staff to ensure their Azure runs smoothly. Microsoft offers an exam that will prove whether an administrator is ready to manage all Azure’s capabilities. It’s called the AZ-104. Passing it earns you an associate-level Azure certification.
An Azure administrator is responsible for maintaining a company’s Azure environment. This includes managing users, configuring storage and deploying compute resources. It also involves monitoring virtual networking resources. The AZ-104 test administrator’s ability and knowledge to perform all these job responsibilities. Continue reading to find out if the AZ-104 is worthwhile your time, money, and effort.
What is the AZ-104?
AZ-104 is the certifying examination for Microsoft’s associate-level Azure certification. The exam’s full title “Exam AZ104: Microsoft Azure Administrator” is the title of the certification. The AZ-104 exam tests administrator’s ability manage, implement, and monitor an entire Azure environment.
Microsoft offers many certifications related to Azure administration. Azure Administrator Associate is not the most basic. Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals certification is for IT professionals just starting to get their feet wet with Azure. Intermediate-level certifications include the Azure Administrator Associate and AZ-104.
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Start training. Many other Azure certifications are focused on specialized knowledge such as Azure Stack Hub operations and Identity and Access administration. The AZ-104 covers all aspects of Azure administration, not just the specialized certifications. An Azure Administrator Associate can be an all-purpose member in an Azure administration team. A team of Azure administrators has many responsibilities for a company’s Azure environment. The AZ-104 test measures whether an administrator is capable of managing Azure identities, configuring storage resources, deploying Azure compute resources and backing up Azure resources.
What are the AZ104 Exam Objectives
Only one exam is required to earn the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certification. It is the AZ-104. AZ-104 has five objectives.
Azure Identity Management and Governance
Storage management: Implement and manage
Manage and deploy Azure compute resources
Configure and manage virtual networks
Monitor and back up Azure resources

Each of these broad categories can go into more detail, but it is clear that AZ-104 is designed to determine if an IT professional can assume the role of Azure administrator and be proficient right away.
How Much Does the AZ104 Exam Cost?
To attempt the AZ-104, you will need to pay $165. The AZ-104 exam is the only requirement to earn the Azure Administrator Associate certificate. There are no prerequisites so $165 is all you have to pay. The test would be difficult for most people if they didn’t prepare properly. This is why it is important to consider the cost of training, courses, and books.
You may be eligible to take the test if your ability to work or keep a job was directly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This offer is limited and you should visit Microsoft’s AZ104 page for more information.
What experience do you need for the AZ104?
Technically, you can attempt the AZ-104 without a formal prerequisite. It is important to remember what certification is testing for: whether an administrator is ready and able to perform as an Azure administrator.