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Making Workshops Work webinar

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Below is an automated transcript (sorry for typos). It starts at 2 minutes 30 and avoids the intro waffle that we use to get people into the room. Please note that only Project Management Rebels members have access to the slides.
About the webinar
In this webinar, Dr Penny Pullan gives insights into how to achieve lasting results together through in-person, virtual, and hybrid workshops.
Do you need to run effective workshops and meetings as part of your job as a project or program manager?
Would you like to feel confident working alongside diverse groups and senior leaders?
Do you want to work together and deliver lasting results, no matter what the environment?

Many program and project managers don’t have any training in facilitation skills, but they are more in demand in this age of virtual and hybrid work.
This workshop will discuss the process of creating and delivering engaging, well-run, and effective sessions. It starts with an idea and continues through careful preparation and running them smoothly, despite the inevitable difficulties.
We will discuss design for virtual, hybrid, and in-person workshops. We’ll also explore how to make it more likely that actions occur as a result. This webinar will also use aspects of neuroscience, socio psychology, and facilitation theory to explain how all this happens.
You will leave with tips and ideas that you can immediately use to improve your program or project workshops, meetings and meetings. We hope you also have an understanding of how they work and a curiosity to learn more about workshops.
About our presenter
Dr Penny Pullan is known for her creative collaboration with project professionals and virtual/hybrid leadership. She is the author of Making Workshops work: Creative collaboration for our times’ (PIP 2021) as well as the bestseller Virtual Leadership, which is a Top 5 book for lockdown by CEO Today (Kogan Page 2016).
She is also coauthor of Managing Successful Programmes 5th Edition (Axelos 2020), a guidebook on program management.
Penny works with leaders, teams, and individuals who are dealing with the challenges of virtual and hybrid worlds. She helps to improve collaboration and effectiveness between dispersed and mixed teams.
Penny has been working with organisations such as Robert Half and Astra Zeneca for the past twenty years to develop and roll out her Virtual Leadership model, facilitation techniques, and techniques.
When Penny’s methods are applied, program and project managers experience increased clarity, creativity, connection and collaboration.
Some of you may know Penny from her previous books. I’ve talked a lot about Penny in the virtual leadership book. It’s on the bottom shelf of my bookcase, but not on the floor. I don’t leave books on my floor. Today we will be learning more about facilitation skills collaboration and making workshops successful. Penny is a well-known expert in creative collaboration, specifically for project professionals. She has a background in business analysis, project and program management, as well as virtual and hybrid leadership. She’s also the author of the book on making workshops work and the book on virtual leadership.
Also, she is the co-author of the latest managing successful programmes guidance from AXELOS. This group, The Stationery Group, assembles the PRINCE2(r).-type standards. Penny now works with leaders and teams that are dealing with the challenges of virtual and hybrid work. With her skills and knowledge about how to work in dispersed teams and hybrid ones, she aims to improve collaboration and effectiveness. So I’m very happy.