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Marigrace passed the PMP(r), after 12 weeks of part-time study. This was Marigrace’s first attempt.

[one_third_first][/one_third_first][two_third_last]Why did you want to get PMP(r) certified?
To formalize my years of experience in managing enterprise transformations, OpEx and PMOs, I wanted to obtain PMP(r).
[/two_third_last]What is your current role? What were your past positions?
As a management and organizational consultant, I design and lead enterprise-wide transformations and company transformations. I now have more tools to use, such as stakeholder engagement, earned-value management, responsibility matrixes and the iterative ITTOs for PMP(r’s 5 Process Groups.
How long did you take to become PMP(r).
12 weeks total. I was able to complete my YE2018 certification by dedicating the last 2 weeks of my time full-time.
What did your study plan look like? What was your study schedule? How many and how long did each day go by? How many times per week?
My entire process consisted of three parts: 1. Select and enroll in an online education program. 2. Get PMI PMP(r), application approved early. This can be done by writing/submitting as soon 35 PDUs have been earned. 3.Schedule your exam date and test center. After I had’scoped’ my approach, I committed study time to other work-life commitments. I studied hard for approximately. I studied for 16 hours per week for 4 weeks in order to complete all online study modules, PMBOK (r) documentation organization and process group models. Then, I worked for 10-12 hours per week for 6 weeks, including many practice exams and formula calculations. For the final two weeks, I worked almost full-time/daily leading up to my exam date. This included practice exams and formula calculations, as well as fine-tuning what I know about ITTOs.
What tips and tricks can you offer someone who is going through this certification process?
#1 Never read outdated materials. Only study the most current PMBOK(r), now V6.
#2 Do not go to Practice Exams without studying all the materials. Inadvertently, you may reinforce what you don’t know with what you need to know. Learn before you practice.
#3: Choose a reputable provider of education that is committed to your learning. ExamsPM offers a free online course in PMP(r), which is a good deal. It also provides PDUs for next/1st cycle of PMP(r), which is a great benefit. They also offer an annual online global forum for PMP(r).
#4 Get PMI logistics out the way. Separate the online application, membership, and administration of the Test Center from the study.
#5: Do not be overwhelmed Take control. You can get PMP(r), certification!
Let us know when you took the exam. How did you find the actual exam date?
As soon as my application was approved, I set the exam date and location. This allowed me to keep my study plan on track. I booked a hotel the day before and arrived at my destination.
Although the Center was busy on Saturday morning, it was well-organized and very peaceful. I presented my ID/passport and was body wand scan (?). I was given instructions and a keyed lock for personal items. 2 sheets of paper and a pencil were also provided. Then, I was escorted into a cube.
A Monitor walked around cubes, while other test-takers were brought in. I only marked a few questions for final review.
I hit ‘Submit’ at approximately. After approximately 4 hours, I clicked ‘Submit. I received a message indicating that the submission had been successful within a few minutes. I was presented with a preliminary paper certificate after I left.
Advice: Answer ALL questions, even if you are marking them for later/possible review.
How was ExamsPM overall? What was your experience with ExamsPM?
ExamsPM is a great tool. ExamsPM is a great study platform for PMP(r). The materials are well-organized, well-paced, and thorough.
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