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Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIR), v18

Microsoft Security Intelligence

Volume 18 of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report is now available.
The Microsoft Security Intelligence Report is a comprehensive analysis of the threat landscape for exploits, vulnerabilities, malware, using data from Internet services, and more than 600 million computers worldwide. Threat awareness can help protect your organization, your software, and your people.
This volume of SIR focuses only on the second half 2014 and includes longer-term trend data. SIR volume 18 provides data, insights, and practical guidance on a variety of cybersecurity threats, including vulnerability disclosures and malware. It also includes the latest on Ransomware and malicious websites like drive-by download sites. Exploit activity, including targeted attacks, is also covered in this volume. Deep dives into the threat landscape of over 100 countries/regions can also be found.
The report’s “Featured Intelligence section” examines “The life and times an exploit,” which demonstrates the importance of updating systems as soon as vendors release security updates.
The SIR also includes actionable guidance to help mitigate threats from hundreds of millions worldwide. This includes guidance based upon the threats that Microsoft’s IT department (MSIT) detects and mitigates in the course of protecting Microsoft’s corporate network, which spans all regions of the globe.
Download SIR here