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Microsoft Summit Greece 2017

Microsoft Summit Greece
This week, I will be in Athens, Greece to meet with our customers at the Microsoft Summit.
About Microsoft Summit
Microsoft Summit is an annual flagship event hosted by Microsoft Hellas. It brings together IT and business professionals at the highest levels, seeking to share, discover, and shape the future. MicrosoftSummitGR
We will be celebrating technology as a catalyst for future growth this year. Connecting people, products, ecosystems and innovative ideas is key to any company’s success in this age of business transformation. Join us May 14th to learn more about how the latest technology innovations can benefit you and your company.
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Microsoft Summit Greece – Microsoft Cybersecurity
It was all planned. The speakers. The venue. The happenings. We couldn’t be more excited to host you at our 5th Microsoft Summit.
Then, the unthinkable happened. We had to rethink. We had to rethink our decision. Should we move it later in the year? Or stream it online? Then, we realized that we needed to completely redesign it. Unexpected events can lead to new questions. Those were the questions we had to pay attention to:
What’s happening? What is the future? What role will technology play in this future? We didn’t have the answers, to be honest. We felt these were the right questions. So, we started a new project:
Microsoft Synthesis.
Microsoft Synthesis is an evolution from what Microsoft Summit stands for: bringing you the most recent discussions about technology in Greece, as they occur around the globe. Microsoft Synthesis is a joint venture between SKAI and Microsoft. It explores how technology can be both an enabler as well as a catalyst in a rapidly changing world.
Global thinkers, business leaders, political leaders, decision-makers, as well as members of civil society, meet virtually to discuss and explore the new reality.
Take part in four online episodes and learn how opinions and perspectives can be synthesised to give food for thought, rather than providing ready-made solutions to the most pressing issues facing our time.