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Monthly ActiveCollab Updates December 2019

December is all about holidays! We know that December is all about holidays so we don’t usually release big updates around that time. We don’t have anything new, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any. Last month, we had some smaller, but still very useful updates. This month, we bring you one important improvement.
Time reports are one of the most popular feature requests. You will be able to choose between the old and the new version for a brief time. The Beta testing period will end in mid-January and only the new report will be available. The feature has been redesigned visually by 20% and functionally by 80%. How? How? You can also expand the records of each team member to get more information. If you want to know which client your team works for most, the report will provide that information. Deep linking is another amazing feature. This means that you can bookmark the link once you have set your criteria. Every time you reopen the link, the filtered data will be waiting for you. You can share the link with others to see exactly what you see. You can now open a task directly in the time report.
As you read this, it is in the works! View from the column
Last time, we said that we were working to improve the column view. It has been tested internally. However, these two months will be devoted to timesheets, reports, and will leave no room for further enhancements to the column view. This doesn’t mean that we’re abandoning it. It’s just delayed so we can offer the best time tracking features for January. PHP 7.4 compatibility + Self hosted + Roadmap
PHP 7.4 was released on November 28th. ActiveCollab 6.1 was tested and verified that there were no breaking changes. We are happy to inform you that ActiveCollab 6.1 can be run on PHP 7.4. You’ll always be informed about what’s happening with ActiveCollab 6.1.
All in all, even though it’s holiday season, we’ve made some significant progress. Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest ActiveCollab updates! Frameworks and Project Management Methodologies
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