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New Training: InfluxDB Essentials

This eight-video video training by SPOTO trainer Trevor Sullivan teaches data analysts the knowledge they need to install, configure, and manage InfluxDB to meet data retrieval requirements that require high availability, time series data.
This is the InfluxDB training.
Understanding and using InfluxDB is all about time. A time series database is essential for storing and retrieving event logs from multiple applications, especially in the Internet of Things. You’ll be lost among the many thousands and thousands of events that occur over different time periods.
Time series solutions are essential for data analysts who work in organizations or on projects that deal with time series issues. InfluxDB is the best solution right now. This training will familiarize you with the operation of InfluxDB and the Go framework that it is built on.
This one-part series covers topics like optimizing your databases to high-availability storage, retrieval, and collecting, analyzing, and visualizing time-series data. It also identifies ideal use cases for InfluxDB.
You can watch a video from the series here:

This series includes the following skills:
Get Started with InfluxDB Systems Monitoring

This training covers the following topics:
InfluxDB Client for Python allows you to ingest data
What is InfluxDB?
InfluxDB allows you to configure alerts and notifications
Learn the Primitive Concepts of InfluxDB
Review and Call to Action

This training includes:
1 hour of training
Eight videos

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