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Python – The Most Useful Language in the World This webinar will focus on our Python offerings and how they are proving to be the language for Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning. Slide deck>

Jordan Martz and David Norwood

David has more than 20 years of experience in enterprise development. He has provided technical training on topics such as Hadoop, Big Data, J2EE, and others. He is an expert in integration architecture for commercial applications. Jordan is a Databricks solutions architect, supporting various system integrators across North America and providing enablement tools. He is an expert instructor in artificial intelligence, database tools, data science and cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure. This webinar will teach you about Python – How did it grow so quickly? Python – What it’s currently doing Pandas & Numpy – an exciting set of libraries Data Frames – how Python can manipulate and wrangle large amounts of data Big Data using PySpark – how Python can print complex graphs Statistics and Probability Testing Deep Learning Neural Networks that make a difference in society Unsupervised Learning Clustering and Recommendation System GK offerings in Python