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Recorded Webinar: Advanced Functions of Excel Formulas Part 1 Watch the second part of this 2-part webinar series to learn how you can create and troubleshoot more formulas and advanced functions. This webinar is for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or an expert user looking for new or additional tips. Part 2 will teach you how to: Array Formulas Subtotal Functions More date- and time functions Concatenate with. Flash Fill Index and Match Vs. VLookup Variations Round Function View Part 1 here

Denis Laflamme

Denis is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and has been teaching Office courses like Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Access, Outlook, OneNote, Visual Basic programming, OneNote, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access for more than 10 years. His application training skills are rounded out by his experience in team building and conflict resolution, time management, proposal and report writing, and time management.