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A Walkthrough of AWS Certifications

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IntoductionCloud adoption is now a reality for more than 30% of all companies. This makes it one of the most difficult IT challenges. Organizations can improve the skills of their existing workforce by obtaining certification and training. Individuals can also benefit from certification tracks to gain access to rewarding job opportunities.

Amazon Web Services
AWS certifications, or Amazon Web Services, are highly sought after by a booming market for cloud-certified professionals in all domains. AWS certifications are highly sought-after for the following reasons:
There is a high demand for cloud engineers, architects, developers, and other skilled professionals to fill this skill gap.
AWS certifications require a set of cloud skills that are consistent, rigorous, and essential for different roles.
The technology revolution is affecting the focus of companies on employee education and training.
AWS certifications will help you gain credibility in AWS cloud expertise. This highly-demanded cloud platform is looking for skilled professionals. AWS certification and training courses are designed to teach the basics of the cloud platform and provide hands-on experience with AWS components, vital services, as well as the fundamentals.
AWS Certifications
AWS offers role-based certification tracks that will help you accelerate your cloud career. There are various levels of expertise and two specialty certificates. These certifications cover three core competencies: architecture, development, operations.

The most important AWS certifications include:
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner: This certification validates your AWS cloud knowledge and enhances your professional credibility in cloud concepts, pricing, security, and billing. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of AWS cloud technology and be recognized for your cloud expertise worldwide.
AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate: This associate-level exam demonstrates and explains how to design and deploy secure and robust applications using AWS technologies on Cloud. AWS associate certification certifies your ability to design, architect, and deploy scalable AWS cloud apps. This exam is for working professionals who have at least one year of experience in designing distributed, scalable, fault-tolerant systems on AWS.
AWS Certified Developer Associate: This exam shows how to create applications on AWS. This exam is open to working professionals with at least one year of experience in developing and maintaining AWS-based apps and a solid knowledge of a high-level programming language.
AWS Certified SysOps Administration- Associate: The SysOps administrator certification exam allows you demonstrate and master your technical skills in managing, deploying, and operating AWS Cloud applications. You must have at least one year of experience in AWS-based application operation to be eligible for this exam.
AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional: This professional-level certification test measures your advanced capabilities and hands on skills in designing distributed systems and applications using AWS technologies. You must pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam to be eligible for this exam.
AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional: This professional-level certification tests your technical abilities to manage, provision, and operate distributed applications on the AWS platform. This exam is open to anyone who has the AWS Certified Developer Associate or AWS Certified SysOps Administration- Associate credentials, as well as two years of experience in provisioning, incorporating and managing AWS infrastructure.
AWS Certified Big Data Specialty: This certification demonstrates your technical skills to design and implement AWS services that extract value from data. The certification is for professionals who perform big data analysis and are working professionals.
AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty: This certification allows you to explore and improve your technical skills in designing and implementing AWS or hybrid IT environments at large scale. This certification is for professionals who are responsible for complex networking tasks.

Preparing for AWS certifications
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